19 Million Dollars

There is a great online game that has been around for years. It is called Hollywood Stock Exchange. I started playing it about 6 years ago.

The basic premise is that they give you 2 million dollars to invest in movies, actors, movie mutual funds, and other such things. The price goes up and down pending on how much is trading and finalize on a price that is determined by the amount of money the movie makes or the actor made (I don't know how that part works really, I could probably do better if I did).

For years I just kind of casually went in and played, mainly focusing on mutual funds as I didn't want to look at it everyday. So for years I hovered around the 4 or 5 million dollar mark because I didn't care enough. Today my account broke the 19 million dollar mark.

You see as I have not had all kinds of things to do at night or over the weekends, I have been involved in the game. I don't sit on it all day long, but I check on it once a day and buy and sell as necessary, typically spending about 15 minutes there each day.

If this is any indication of how I would do investing in real stocks, I would totally invest the 2 million dollars people donated to the cause so I could try.