Air Conditioning Badness

There are two situations that I will describe. With it being around 115 degrees outside lately, this is an important subject for me.

First, Air Conditioning at Home:
When I set the A/C to what I think is an acceptable temperature. An acceptable temperature never keeps the apartment cool enough during the day. So I set it to a temperature below where I think it should be. So now it is really nice during the daylight hours, but if I forget to turn it down before I go to bed, then I wake up freezing and have to endure getting out of the shower and it being cold too. The other way this is bad is that if I turn it up and forget to turn it down before I leave for work, the I get home and it is not comfortable.

Second, Air Conditioning at the Office:
The first thing to know is that they only turn the A/C on at work when people are there. I wake up really early and go to the office. When I get there, they have typically just turned on the A/C and my office is really hot from not having it on overnight. But by the time other people start rolling into the office, it is comfortable. The problem is that they turn it so far down to get it cool in the morning that by the the middle of the morning it gets really cold, especially in the offices. At this point I typically role down my sleeves and start drinking coffee to keep warm, because they don't turn it up to compensate. By the end of the day it evens out because of the windows in the building, but when I leave at four, it doesn't help.

I think what I am finding out is that it is not easy to get just the right amount of Air Conditioning. You are always going to be too hot or too cold.