November Totals Are Coming . . .

And they should be pretty good.


October Totals and Week 5 C25K

Total Miles Run - 46.8
Average Pace - 13'30"
Total Steps Taken - 444,292

Week 5 was tough and included a 20 minute run.  We completed the week only walking for 1.5 minutes during the 20 minute run.

Technology and Exercise

A couple of things that are keeping me motivated to run at the moment.

1. I have used a fitbit for about 3 years on a daily basis.  It helps to keep me aware of how much I am moving during the day.  When I am not moving much at work, I know it and can correct it (when possible).  Also, it is nice to see over time increases to activity (or decreases when I am being lazy).  The newest fitbit came out recently which I am now using.  Even though the majority of features are identical to the last device, I do like the silent alarm on it.  

2. The Nike+ GPS Watch has been doing good for me so far when running.  I looked at a few different watches for a while, ultimately settling on this watch.  At the beginning I was using this to track walks with dogs as well as my runs, but now I only use for running.  It is nice to see the progress from running only a little bit followed by a walk to running for more time straight through.  

Today we start week 6 of the Couch to 5K program.  


This Weeks Stats

Sunday - 1.8 Miles
Monday - 1 Mile
Tuesday - 2.1 Miles
Thursday - 1.8 Miles
Saturday - 1.5 Miles

Total - 8.2 Miles

Total Steps for the week 103,852 for an average of just under 15K per day.


Running - Week 4

I have run off and on since I finished college.

A couple of weeks ago my wife decided to start running consistently and I decided to join her.

She and I are following the couch to 5k plan (or one of the many that is out there).  Week one through 3 weren't that difficult.  This week has gotten a little tough, but I am making it through.

Week 4 is:
3 Minute Run
1.5 Minute Walk
5 Minute Run
2.5 Minute Walk
3 Minute Run
1.5 Minute Walk
5 Minute Run

Oddly enough I am running fastest during the last 5 minute run so far, seems like that would be the slowest.  In addition to the 3 day/week planned runs, I am doing one extra run.  This week I ran 1 extra mile straight through and was able to average over 6MPH.

Rest of this week calls for one more day of the above.

Next week, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday on this plan and one additional.