Yesterday afternoon I decided that I wasn't going to be hungry for a dinner type meal, but that I wanted a snack. Quickly I decided that I was going to make fresh salsa, so I went to the internet for a recipe (really just the ingredients, since the recipe is throw in blender, turn on).

There are far too many websites out there that are designed to give recipes to visitors of the page, but none of them were easy to use. They all came up with Mango salsa and other stuff like that. So I took a stab at what I wanted in it.

Bell Pepper

I went to the super market and purchased what I needed, and it was surprisingly inexpensive, probably less than what a jar of salsa costs. And I made enough that I had some left over and left over ingredients so I can make it again. Next time I need less salt and maybe a few more tomatoes, but over all it was pretty dang good. I initially posted on twitter that it needed to be hotter, but in the end, it was actually pretty hot. I would call it Medium if I were selling it in the store.

The only problem was that it wasn't terribly red. Any suggestions for how to make it more red? Or for other ingredients I should use?

There is a picture on my flickr page if you are interested.