Bones Crime House Scene Investigation

How many of these shows could there possibly be. They are all basically the same, but take place in different locations.

CSI, CSI NY, CSI Miami, Bones (CSI DC), House (CSI NJ), and NCIS (CSI Navy).

The best of all of them is House which I love because somehow the doctors investigate their patients houses, sometimes without permission.

CSI Miami is pretty good because David Caruso is a master at over acting and drama, also he is the kind of cop that makes a quippy remark after something happens, like a Baseball Umpire gets shot and he says, "Now who's out?"

CSI New York is actually kind of lame because all of the characters boring and totally uninteresting.

Bones is great because for some reason, an anthropoligist carries a gun. On top of that, other lead character is shown as an individual in the FBI by wearing crazy socks and belt buckles that say things like, "I'm the Shiz".

CSI is the most boring of all of them because it was the first to market and is most mundane of all of them.

NCIS is again not very interesting.

I think all of these shows ruin the chances of a show like Studio 60 making it big because if one of them is popular, they are all popular and that takes away from space to put on shows that are actually good.