The Saga of the Mac Wouldn't Sleep Part 6

Alright, let me first say this, BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER REGULARLY.

I picked up the computer on Thursday morning. I got in and hand to wait a couple of minutes to get the computer. I opened it up and tested it to make sure that it worked. The final count was 3 new fans, 2 logic boards, and a new track pad. I don't know why the track pad was replaced, but it was. I got home later that afternoon and had to re-setup the computer. I haven't decided yet whether I will load everything back onto this computer or not. I kind of like have a computer with not much on it and using the desktop as a storage place for all my music and photos.

I am looking forward to being able to take my computer down to Starbucks or some other coffee shop to hang out in the evening and not be confined to the house for computer use.

Also, a great program that Mark suggested to me allows me to listen to music from my desktop from anywhere using my computer or iPod Touch, as long as there is a network connection. It is called simplify. I bet this is pretty cool on the iPhone when you always have a connection.