Time Capsule Review

When I moved into my apartment I went to purchase a wireless access point for the internet. I was thinking that I would most likely just get an Airport Express, but when I got to the store here, I was quickly persuaded to by a Time Capsule as a backup disk and wireless access point. I was convinced because I now have quite a bit of stuff on my computer and I wanted to make sure I didn't lose any of it. My options were, buy and external HD and connect it when I want to back up and buy an Airport Express, or buy a Time Capsule and have it serve both functions.

I got it home and got it set up. By far easier to set up with passwords and such than any other brand or wireless router I have encountered. By the time I was done, Time Machine was asking me if I wanted to use it to back up my computer. I turned on the automatic backups and just a few minutes later it started its first wireless back up. It finished 3 days later. I was baffled by the amount of time it took, but I guess sending several hundred Gigabytes of data over a wireless connection can take some time. A suggestion to all, if you get a Time Capsule, do your first back up while wired.

I made the decision after the first backup to neglect my iTunes videos. I figured if I did buy something new, that I could just turn that part back on and back them up less frequently since I haven't bought much in the way of television shows lately.

As a router, it works perfectly and praise to Apple for making a backup software that actually makes me want to back up my computer. On top of that, my computer now backs itself up every hour and archives daily, weekly and monthly as those times come up.

The final note on this is that I am glad I started backing up because I am in the process of losing my Gigabytes from my Macbook Pro due to those pesky sleep issues I have mentioned multiple times. Recovering from the backup image was a breeze.