Self Conversation

What I assume the conversation in the taxi driver's head sounded like while driving:

"I am totally going to take a route to this guy's destination that will take a long time and therefore earn me more money. And the great part is that he is white and won't know the difference as he is obviously a tourist. I am going to make so much money off of him that I wouldn't have normally gotten."

"At every traffic signal, I will wait until the last possible moment to apply the brakes and then slam them on and maybe he will get sick and barf in the back of my cab. Then I can make even more money because he will feel bad and tip me."

What he didn't know is that the guy that took me to Bur Dubai got 100 Dirham for a 50 Dirham trip because he was a good driver and took the easiest route. What he ended up getting was 47 Dirham for a 47 Dirham trip.