The Saga of the Mac that Wouldn't Sleep Part 2

Part one of the story is here.

I have taken my Macbook Pro into the service center. In part one of the story I went through all of the solutions that I have already taken. There are many things that I had already done, and I explained all of these solutions to the support people at the store. They then offered me a couple of other problems that could be causing the computer not to sleep properly and also take 5 or more minutes to boot up now. Out of that list they suspect a few things, all of which are hardware related. If it is an easy hardware solution, for example the hard drive, they can have it done in 3 or 4 days. If it is a more complicated issue, for example the logic board, it could take them a month to get it done because they have to wait for parts.

The story so far has upset me as I have never had a problem with any Apple product before, short of an iPod that I creased in a car door.

In the meantime look forward to some other Apple product reviews coming soon as well as part 3 and possibly 4 of the story as I get more information. For now I am Macbook Pro-less.