The Internet . . . or Lack There of

So I set out to get hooked up for television and internet on Thursday night as I didn't want to live without it long. Here you go into a store and pay them and they come set it up at there convenience. I was super happy about it, but that is how it is. So I went in and filled out the application form and as I turned it in, they told me that Diamond 5 does not have internet or television access yet. I questioned this as I was told it was ready to go when I moved in, and they confirmed it, but . . .

they did tell me that the Diamond 4 has access. I replied thank you but I live in Diamond 5, so access in another building doesn't really help.

I proceeded to stop by another store and asked them about access. They told me that they have television access, but not internet access yet. So I filled out the tv application form, and when I finished found out that this guy had just saved me about 50 dollars a month. He wasn't interested in taking my money, he was interested in making sure I had what I wanted. He also took my number and told me he would call when the Diamond 5 had internet access.

As of today my television is install and for now I am stuck coming to Starbucks whenever I want to use the internet while at home.

I put some new pictures up, and was really impressed with the speed at which it uploaded. I hope my connection is that good when I have it installed at home.