Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Probably shouldn't read this if you haven't seen the movie.

I really enjoyed the movie. There have been some complaints that the plot revolves around aliens, but seriously, it is Indiana Jones. In the first movie he found the Ark of the Covenant and it melted Nazis. In the second movie he found some crazy cult that kidnapped children and removed the hearts of still living people. And in the third movie he was seeking the cup that held Jesus' blood at the last supper, which when not chosen properly aged a Nazi many decades in only seconds. So I don't think this was beyond the realm of belief for an Indiana Jones movie.

Things I liked
The progression of time from WWII era to beginning of the Cold War, it fit nice with the age of Harrison Ford.

Bringing in a younger character, though it wasn't something I think was especially needed, I think that for the benefit of a younger audience that it was necessary in order to get them interested.

Bringing back Karen Allen, I really hated the girl in Temple of Doom.

The use of Area 51 as a place where all these crazy things were stored.

The Janitor(some will understand this, others might not)

Things I didn't like
The vine swinging was stupid. I mean really stupid. Seriously this was so much more unbelievable and stupid than aliens could have been, that I think this should be the primary bitch about this movie.

Delayed reaction time. I guess all of these people are getting old, but it seems like they could have cut the movie better so it didn't appear that Indiana Jones had some sort of arthritis of the knee or something. Every time he started to run away, it seemed to take him a few seconds to realize that he needed to.

Things I am glad I didn't predict
Mutt being Dr. Jones' kid. I am really glad that I didn't get to thinking about this as I would have felt disappointed when it was revealed.

Aliens, though I didn't mind it, I am glad that I went in not thinking that it was going to be aliens. I just thought it was going to be some kind of idol.

Single, no Double, no Triple Agent. I didn't really pay much attention to that part.