Something, Anything to Report

Flickr is working well now, iTunes continues to work, though I expect any time now it will stop.

I have been looking at apartments here so that when it comes down to my moving date, I will know where to go and what I can get. I am trying to stay in the same area so I can continue frequenting the places that I have been going to lately.

I am starting to look at vehicles to drive, but I am pretty set on a Defender 90 or 110 depending on the price. I have wanted one since 1994 and now I have the opportunity. I may even see if I can freight it back to the US when my time is done here.

My visa is being worked on, and thanks to many people who offered help, I won't have to come back to the US to get it done. Thanks to everyone who helped or offered to help, it saved me a 31 hours of flying.