A Month

I have been in Dubai for a month now, well almost. In three days I will have been here for a month. It has been a good month. I really like it here. Work is going well, though I am still getting the hang of what it is that I do, I am so used to being busy all the time with people calling me for things that I am now looking for something to do a lot of the time. I will say that it isn't difficult to find anything to do, it is just that it isn't people calling me and giving me something to do all the time.

I am now working on my residency visa and working on figuring out what my living expenses are going to be. I am also working out when I will be back in the US next. It could be soon if I can't figure out how to get a copy of my transcripts or diploma.

I have taken a lot of pictures and posted some. I plan on putting more up, but it takes time to put them up because the connection is slow. I have been posting here as frequently as I can find time to. I have made some friends and found some things to do. There is a really good coffee shop down the street and found a couple of good movie theaters. I have found that walking around on the weekend is a fun way to pass time.

Right now I live about 10 minutes from the beach. I am trying to keep that the same after I move in a month or two. I am looking at apartments and cars and trying to figure out how much it actually costs to live here. I have found bars and know of places to purchase alcohol, but can't bring booze home with me right now because I am not a resident and non-residents can't get an alcohol license. I also know where to buy pork products. I also got my driver's license.

So far people are really friendly. There is a lot of good food, and more than enough to do for fun. I like the people I work with for the most part, though most people are very quiet. Many people have a hard time communicating, but so far I haven't had a problem.

So, basically, everything is fine and I am looking forward to spending more time here. I will let everyone know when I will be home so I can visit with people. Check my Flickr page for pictures.