They Always Have Change

UAE Currency I have Used:
1 Dirham Coin
5 Dirham Bill
10 Dirham Bill
20 Dirham Bill
50 Dirham Bill
100 Dirham Bill
500 Dirham Bill
1000 Dirham Bill

I would like to say that 500 and 1000 Dirham bills are very difficult to use because most stores tend not to have change for them. Almost anywhere you go is short on 1 Dirham Coins and asks if you have 1, 2, 3, or 4 in order to make exact change, or make it easier for them to give you just bills.

Only one place I have been to has not asked me for exact change, smaller bills, or coins in order to make it easier for them to make change. The Movie Theater, Cinestar, never asks me for that. It is like the only place in the city that brings the proper amount of change in to their place of business prior to getting there. AMAZING