It Was Frozen

So this evening I came home and had a quick conversation with my boss over the phone, then went to getting dinner together. I got everything ready, took it all to the table, and sat down. I had my computer on the table so I could listen to a podcast while I ate.

I ate about half of my meal and realized that I was thirsty, not so much a realization as it was that I was thirsty. I got up, went to the fridge and pulled out a coke. I felt a bit stiff to me, as if it had been shaken a little, but didn't think much of it because the way cans open here it is pretty easy to deal with.

I opened the coke and was suddenly and dramatically sprayed with carbonated sugar water, along with my computer, dinner, the floor and the table. It occurred to me a few seconds later that this was due to the beverage being frozen. The can emptied itself of all liquid and left only the solid, frozen, part of the drink.