This year I should be heading off to work overseas and that excites me. I am hoping to keep the site updated even more frequently than I did this year, especially while I am not in the country. I am pretty excited about things coming up in 2008.

Besides the possibility of going to work outside of the US, I also have a wedding to go to (hopefully), a nephew for whom I will be the godfather of, heading to Chicago in January for this, and a nephew that is going to be born sometime in February. And that is all in the first quarter of the year.

I was excited about 24 coming back for yet another season, but it seems that due to the writers strike, and not Kiefer going to jail, the season will be postponed for a while. Certainly the strike will be resolved at some point and 24, Scrubs, and the Office will come back.

Musically I am looking forward to the new Mike Doughty album, but can't think of much else that is coming out at the moment, certainly there will be some good stuff coming out.

I can't really think of any movies I want to see coming up, though I wish a theater around here would play Juno. Instead they are playing a host of movies I have no interest in, but will go watch anyway because I like movies.