Aberdeen iPod Bustedness

Right before I left for Aberdeen, I sold my last iPod and purchased a new one. It was a great purchase and was really happy for the extra space, especially on the flight over when I was able to watch a bunch of different movies. The first weekend I was in Aberdeen, I was bumming around the city and listened to music while I walked down to the City Centre and got accustomed to the city and what was around. It was really nice.

However, on my first day of work there, when I was heading home, I got in the taxi put my bag in the car and closed the door. The door stopped short of completely closing and bounced back open. I didn't immediately know why, but I looked down and noticed that it has hit my iPod pouch on my bag. As we drove away from the office I decided not to look at the iPod in hopes that maybe I hadn't slammed the door hard enough to actually break the device.

I got home that night and looked in the pouch to find that I had creased the iPod right at the bottom of the screen, which as it turns out is right about the middle of the hard drive too.

I decided to dissect it to see the inner working of a device that has made music easy to transport. As it turns out, the battery is much smaller than I imagined. It all seems put together in a way that makes it easy to replace just about any part of it. And there are lots of little pieces in it that seperate the components. Rubber pieces that keep the hard drive in place and a small metal plate that separates the screen from the battery and the hard drive.

Pretty interesting little deal if you ever destroy one beyond the point of repair, it was kind of fun to take apart.