24 in the News

This was sort of serendipitous, yesterday I post about my wanting for 24 and today an article is released about some casting. The News? Janeane Garofalo will play a government agent who will be questioning Jack about his antics over the past several years.

I looked at the 24 boards really quick to see that many people are upset that the show has hired someone so liberal. In my opinion, it works great. I don't much care for her, and if she attacks Jack and he ends up killing her, then great. If he doesn't and he ends up being friendly with her, no problem, it is a show and I could really care a lot less about who plays each character. I care more about the plot and the story and the fact that the characters are played well.

I am looking forward to this season and interested to see what they are going to do with the season, whether it will be 24 hours of Jack being questioned, or if something fun will happen.