Tivo, Amazon, Netflix, and My Laziness

Mark and Sara (Who I have been informed, do not own a series 1) and Anyone else that owns a series 1 Tivo may want to upgrade.

Apparently my wildest dreams have come true, but I am not sure how yet. Tivo and Amazon are pairing up to offer downloadable content(movies and television). Depending on the pricing and reliability and the amount of available content, I may even be getting rid of Netflix.

And that is really the point of all this. I need to get rid of Netflix. Here in Midland it takes 5 or 6 days to turn around the movies, and I am not watching to my full potential. Movies come and sit for a week, then I watch a movie and it sits for a another week. So by the time I get a movie off in the mail I have had the movie for 14 days. Add to that 14 days the 10 days it takes for turn around and I am getting about 1 new movie every month. The upside is that I have a queue of movies that I want to see, but it is nothing a list in the house wouldn't do, and I am not sure that is worth the money I am paying.

5 days from leaving apartment to getting a new movie +
7 days sitting prior to watching movie +
7 days of sitting prior to mailing movie +
5 days for new movie to come =
24 days of 1 movie

Queue -
List at House =