This is a Music Post

I have not found a whole lot of good music, music that I want to hear, since moving almost a year ago. There is one band that I heard and started following, and most people would criticize me for becoming a little red neck after my move, but I did actually hear the band first while living in Denver. I have had a few bands suggested from friends, but one friend suggested that if I liked Fall Out Boy, then I would like Panic at the Disco. I don't. My sister in law demands that FOB and PATD are totally different.

I was truly excited that Fall Out Boy had a new record coming out since I really enjoyed 'Take This to Your Grave', and 'From Under the Cork Tree'. I listened to their new album and it is truly not my kind of good time. I don't like anything but the single, and at that, the single really doesn't do much for me either.

Also, I have seen this band perform live on a few shows and have determined that, without a doubt, I never want to see them play live.