Ah, The Lunching Hour

My office is mid way between Midland and Odessa. It takes about 10 minutes in either direction to get to each city. This is a great location when it comes to the starting point of the field sales people, but it is terrible for the people that work in the office if they need to eat lunch in a hurry.

You see, the only two restaurants that are close are Subway, located in a gas station/truck stop, and a McDonald's, located in a gas station/truck stop. McDonald's is terrible. I don't mind their breakfast so much as I do their lunch and dinner items. It always sits like a brick and makes a person feel tired, lethargic, or both.

Subway is a much better choice, but when it is located in a truck stop, you have to stop and think about the health implications. It is definitely not the cleanest place in the world.

So I am left with the choice of bad or bad if I am in a hurry and want to get back to work. Today I chose McDonald's and it was the wrong choice.