Only Briefly on the Topic of 24

I like 24. This week was a good episode, but was mostly maintenance.

On to other interesting things. I have some duck to cook and I am not quite sure how I am going to do it. I have made Teryaki Duck a few times, but I need another idea. Any good marinades out there that will kill the taste of duck? Let me know if you have any.

And on that note, last weekend was the first weekend in a long time that I had nothing planned and nothing to do really. Friday night I played Gears of War with a buddy for a few hours, followed by helping my brother assemble his new tv stand. Saturday I hung out in the house and caught up on some Tivoed shows, followed by laundry and hanging out with some friends. Sunday I spent the morning preparing to go hunting, and then went and shot some ducks. I am still not great at this, but I really like it and will keep improving as time goes on.

I watched Air Force One on Sunday night too, that movie is ridiculous and for the most part lousy, but I really like Gary Oldman's character.