Fear Mongering or Deluded Talk Show Host?

I know it seems like everything written here lately has been about 24, and I concede that the majority of it has been. That happens to be the fact because I am a big fan of the show.

This post however will be more about the media and their stupidity as it relates to 24.

I like the show because it is mildly realistic, I like the format, and I like the subject matter. However, according to Keith Olberman, "Right wing website leaving no doubt as to what they think viewers should take away from this fictional attack. Case in point, um, newsbusters.org, says this scene "should be required viewing for all media members who question whats at risk and whether their really is a war on terror," and accuses the media of undermining the Bush administration and "downplaying the seriousness of terrorism."

First off, I have never heard of that website and if he really wanted to make this a serious point he would have chosen some credible news source, for example a major newspaper or major news network. My guess is that Fox News had not made such outrageous claims and he therefore had to find some obscure Republican website to use.

Second, if newsbusters.org did say that, they are just as deluded as Mr. Olberman because it is a fictional show that happens to take place in a non-fictional world. I am not saying it can't happen, because it has. The show, however, does go to extremes to keep the story interesting.

He then goes on to give us two choices as to what 24 could be...
1. Propaganda, fear mongering, or
2. A program length commercial for one political party.

He only gave me two choices, and I don't like either one of them. Couldn't it just be that the show is entertaining? Could that be the third option, please?

Enter Robert Greenwald (maker of the documentary Out Foxed), who talks about how Fox News has placed fear into its viewers and uses it to promote the Bush administration. I would go ahead and accept this if I didn't think that other news sources were doing this to some extent as well.

By all means, I hope that everything in this editorial and interview are true and that the lines of reality and fiction are blurred. That means that in the 2008 election we could vote in an African-American Republican and by the time he takes office he will be divorced. Wouldn't that be a huge step forward for this country?

Tell me what you think about this in the comments. Here is a link to the segment so that you can watch it as well. (DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU ARE NOT THROUGH THE FIRST 4 HOURS OF THE SHOW BECAUSE IT DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS)