The Standards and Compliance officer for our office is in our office right now auditing our files. A few things were said that really pissed me off.

There are only a few things in my office of which I am not in complete charge.
One of those things is analysis. However, prior to analysis I am the person that puts all the material together. Meaning every peice of paper that comes into the office, at some point, sits on my desk and I look at everything that enters the office. On top of that I am willing to file every sheet of paper assuming that there is not a back up from someone else that causes me to spend 2 or 3 days doing nothing but filing. (I have made this know. If you give it to me in a timely fashion, I will file it. I will not however clean your desk up and file everything, or file everything when you clean your own desk up.)

"Well, my desk is the messiest because everything has to come across my desk."

I just overheard this said to the auitor. Not only is it not true, it could be easily corrected if the paper were just given to me in a timely fashion. The truth is that every peice of paper on that particular desk is there because the bitch who sits there DOESN'T EVER FUCKING WORK.

The other thing that was mentioned to the auditor, after he had complimented the office on using it, was that our asset allocation worksheet was well produced and how great it was at serving it's purpose as a backup document.

"Yeah, well we made that so that we could track changes in the clients accounts as we went along."

"How is it done?"

"We produced it in Excel and we just update all the information." (The conversation continued)

"We" did not make that worksheet, I did. I produced the entire thing, formatted it and forced the other two people here to use it because they didn't used to keep a backup document for trading. The second untruth is that "we" don't update all the information. We insert a few numbers and the spreadsheet does all the calculations for us, insuring that we don't make a mistake in our math.

That is probably the first "Rant" I have written on here in a while. Next up, Movie review.