I saw two movies last weekend.

The Benchwarmers - Loaded with geeky pop-culture references that I assume were put there to make people come out and say they loved the movie. It was a typical Happy Madison Production, dude sets out to do something, dude learns something in the process. The only kind of good part about the movie was John Heder and the guy who played Howie. The bad of this movie more than outweighed the good parts that came from those two actors. Overall, I would say see it if you love Rob Schneider movies or Happy Madison Prodution movies. Otherwise, skip it until it hits video or skip it all together.

Lucky Number Slevin - Sort of "The Usual Suspects" approach to a movie. The whole movie is basically built on a premise that you are not sure if you can completely trust, but they tell you that when the movie starts. If you liked The Usual Suspects or movies similar to it, I think you might like this. You might also like it if you don't like The Usual Supspects.