I have a new political theory and it is one that I think most people can agree with. (and if you don't, you're a dolt)

I think the problem with the political system in the United States right now is that we, as a collective, think that bashing someone or making fun of them is discussing issues when infact what it is doing is seperating our ideals even further. If we were to actually discuss issues then we might have a chance to come to a better understanding of what is actually needed.

I would also like to state that some people are too close minded to be politicians. Politicians are supposed to discuss issues and then vote on them based on what is best for the people. People like Ted Kennedy and Trent Lott, among many others, do not have the sense to come to any decision. They are far more comfortable knowing what they need to say and so they seem to always take a party line.

I understand that not every demand can be given in to, but if they were just to listen to eachother I think they would find some common ground in some instances.

This is fueled by talk radio which does nothing but name-calling. No one really breaks down the issue truthfully, they break down the issue so it makes them sound right and smart and so it makes the listener feel dumb(or really smart I guess).

This is also a tactic of film makers, especially in Farenheit 911 and the rebuttle films. Rather than giving the full picture, they weasel an idea out and leave much left out so that they sound right and the viewer feels like they have been overthinking the topic.

This is definatley an incomplete thought at the moment, but when I come to some conclusion for myself I will restate my theory.