Ever not been able to go to sleep? What do you do?

Last night I was in serious need of going to sleep, but just couldn't get there. I watched a movie with commentary, which normally puts me out pretty quick. This tactic typically works well late at night.

When that didn't work, I turned off every light that I thought could be hampering my sleep. This included turning my computer off, turning off the porch light, unplugging my USB hub and powering down the speakers for my computer. That didn't work either, so I placed a pillow on my face hoping that, if things were completely dark, I would be able to fall asleep. That didn't work either.

Rather than lay in bed and not sleep, I decided to get up and watch television. This would surely help me kill some time until I was tired, I watched television for quite a while and then went back to bed armed with another movie with boring commentary.

I watched almost the whole movie and then finally fell asleep around 4:30. Great, you say, at least you got 2 and a half hours of sleep. Wrong. I woke up again at 5:30 and laid in bed staring at the ceiling until 7.

I think the odd part about it is that I am not all that tired now. I thought I wouldn't be able to function.