Frank Finn is back and if you think you know 24 then you don't know Frank.

I liked Jack's new name at the beginning of the season. It seemed to really fit the character, seriously, when I fake my own death and am able to re-name myself, I will probably use some sort of alliteration.

So far the season is pretty good. Things I have expected to happen have happened and some things that I knew would happen, didn't. 4 hours in and they are already through their first major crisis, I think last year was the fastest they had done that and it was in the first 5 or 6 hours as I recall. I still think last season's kidnapping of Secretary Heller was more exciting than this season's taking over of the Ontario Airport Terminal, but it is still good.

I can't wait for Jack to run into Audrey, Talk to his daughter Kim, and to reunite with Tony for some serious 24 action. Maybe we will even get a quick glimpse of Chase with a re-attached hand.

I was so caught up in all the hype for the season and have not been disappointed yet.

Possible USP (unnecessary Sub-Plot):
Derek and Frank's relationship
Walt's connection to the terrorists
(I am sure that I will find more later, but for now those are the two that I think will be right.)

If you have also been watching, give me your thoughts.