Looking for an apartment or other form of housing is never much fun, nor does it ever seem to be that easy. This is something that I have never looked forward to ever since I moved out of the dorms at Regis and into the shittiest fucking house in the world. Maybe it wasn't that bad, but it was pretty awful.

After living in that house I had to temporarily move into my parents house while my roommate and I waited to find a place, this was because our third roommate decided to move out one day when no one else was home. He left a note though, that was cool of him.

After living in the parents house, my roommate and I moved into a families basement, which was very apartmenty. It was a pretty ok place, but it also had it's downside, the family that owned the place lived above us and didn't sleep very late.

Then I got a job on the other side of town and over-reacted to how far it was and all sorts of other things that got me back to my parents house again. This time it was for around a year. It wasn't all that bad and it was probably for the best since I didn't make any money that year.

I found a place to live in the Downtown portion of our city, which I thought was gonna be the shit(as in the best ever). It was not the best ever and it was really small. I hated living there because of many things, one of them being that my car was parked almost 5 minutes walk from my apartment.*

Most recently I have been living in the Cherry Creek area with my roommate from back in the day(the shittiest house ever and the apartmenty basement). This was house was a pretty good find though after having our dreams slip through our fingers when we couldn't convince another friend to move into the best house in the universe.

Now the roommate and I are parting ways again and I dreaded looking for a new place to live, but I found two places really quickly that I think I would like to live. I will be checking them out this weekend and report back with my findings, which will most likely be, "They are apartmenty; white walls, white bathrooms, white carpet, some white/gray lenolium, and a ceiling fan(for that extra touch of home).

*This ended up being good because it was the direct cause of me buying my first iPod.