Mark and I went to Boulder on Friday night in the hopes of seeing Kevin Smith while shooting for the movie Catch and Release. It was sort of exciting to have the prospect in our own state. As fate would have it, we did not see any real actors, but we did get to see them shoot something, which in itself was pretty interesting and exciting too.

Our evening in Boulder gave me a sense of satisfaction for hating the city. While standing around, amongst many onlookers, a guy walked past behind us smoking a cigarette and some asshole next to us decides to say in a loud voice, "put that out, your in Boulder." I don't think that it has happened yet, but I don't believe at this time that it is illegal to smoke in the entire city of Boulder. I wonder if he would have had the same reaction if the cigarette smoker had not been smoking a tobacco cigarette, but was instead smoking a marijuana cigarette.

I know for a fact that it is illegal to smoke in public buildings, including restaurants and bars, but to make it illegal to smoke a cigarette outdoors is just madness. Mark informed me that one can smoke in a public establishment as long as it is a completely sealed off sector of the public place.

But, back to my original point and story. This jerk spouts off like that, but does not even really know the law, he just thinks that he so superior to everyone else that he will tell them how to live. Moments later two people who were working on production of the above-referenced movie lit cigarettes. The jerk was no further than ten feet from these two. He says nothing outloud, but makes a brief mention to his friends.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that people should mind their own damn business, especially in crowds like that...

oh, and that I hate Boulder, maybe not the city itself but atleast most of the people that live their.