I am going to start posting phrases that are over-used, stupid, or that I plain just don't like. This will be updated from time to time with the newest one being at the top and denoted with an *. If you have a saying you would like added to the list, let me know

*5. Money cannot buy you happiness. This might be true, but money can give you peace of mind which could eventually end in happiness. You can't tell me that people who are having money problems are able to focus on much other than money which in turn makes them unhappy.

*4. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine. Not only do I not like this, it is completely untrue. I can name many people who are friends of friends that I would definately not want as a friend.

3. Go Big or Go Home. Most of the time used in commercials, or by those crazy snowboarders who risk their lives to look cool. The worst use of this was in a McDonalds advertisement which showed a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. I did not want that sandwich and thus was destined to "go home."

2. You think you know, but you have no idea. (From mTV Diary) Mark really hates this one, and think it is pretty stupid as well.

1. What happens in (blank) stays in/at (blank). (From any stupid commercial on television, the radio, or in the newspaper trying to be hip or trend-like) I really started hating this phrase this morning as I was driving to work and there was an ad for Las Vegas that used it and and ad for a Motley Crue show that used it. The people that think of these ads in a room should replace (blank) with room and never let it out.