Sure Enough

The papal election has apparently ended. It seems like we could come up with a better way to inform the public than by a chimney which spewes smoke that is impossible to decifer the color of. The smoke is grey every time. Black means no, White means yes. So what are we supposed to do when there is grey smoke every time. maybe there is destined to never be a new pope.

That being said, what is it that people don't understand about the papal election? Some people have expressed that they are in Rome so that they can express their opinion as to who they would like to see as the pope. Do they not understand that they don't matter?, that it is not their choice? Do they know that we don't get a say in it?

Vatican radio is saying that there has not been an election, but Fox news has reported that there has been. If the 2000 presidential election is any indication then we are in store for a new pope right this minute, because as we know, as soon as Fox news declares a winner then that person is actually the winner.

Well, Michael Moore was just proven correct. Fox News announced that a new pope had been elected prior to any real confirmation and then it happened. The Vatican was under too much pressure to make a decision and were worried about being crushed by the Fox Empire if they had not complied with that which is The insane media.

If it has not already been very clear, the entire point of this is to make fun of live television news and how many useless things are said during times when there is nothing going on. The other point was to make fun of Michael Moore and anyone who actually thinks that Fox News decided that Bush won the 2000 election, if you are one of those people, then don't blame Fox, blame the stupid other networks for following along.
Is this all random enough to be a news report?