And so on...

Did you hear that the Pope died? Did you know that he went to Super Secret Seminary in Poland while the Nazis were occupiers? Did you know that the pope was called the most funky pontif there ever was by none other than Bono from U2? Did you know that there was just as much coverage regarding the death of someone who was basically inconsequencial in our world?

Did you know that the life of Teresa Shiavo was probably kept around too long? Did you know that the Religious right in no way says that she should have been kept alive? Did you know that had the feeding tube never been inserted then the Catholic Church would have had no problem at all with the death of this women?

I find it interesting that the things I know about the Pope now. I didn't really need to know that Bono thought he was funky. I didn't need to know as much as I know about Shiavo woman either. The decision was a family decision and shouldn't have been heard by everyone in the nation for a weeks time.

Thanks to /mark for using my quote.