Word Problem & The Terrorist Threat

Does it seem to anyone else that there have been an abundance of Amber Alerts lately? Being that the news is on for 9 hours while I am at work, I guess that I am more prone to seeing these than most. It just seems like every other day that there is someone missing. About one in every ten pop up within an hour or two and one out of every 9 of those people was just out doing something and someone they knew got paranoid and called the police. Were this many people going missing prior to the advant of the Amber Alert, or has the system made people go missing more often?

Also, I found out today why we use self sealing envelopes at work. Most people would guess that the reason to use a self sealing envelope is so that you don't have to put forth the effort of licking the envelope and so you don't have to taste the glue and because it is more secure. But in my office there is always some insane reason for doing things the easy way, not just because it is the easy way. We don't use Lick and Stick envelopes in our office because, "What if terrorists found a way to poison the glue that is on them?" I shit you not.

*I hope that this post did something to further everyone's laughter when it comes to the place where I work, because I sure did get a good laugh out of it when I was told. Also, Amber Alerts are no laughing matter.

...except when a clown has gone missing and then is found and then is making people laugh.

...and also, as long as the clown is not Vulgar and I guess for that matter any clown whose jokes are written by Bryan Johnson.