I am currently filling out tade blotters for an account that employer#1 should probably not be trading on, but that is their issue and not mine. Employer #2 will inevitably come in and find out that this account has been traded on and then throw a fit, taking him closer than ever to a heart attack/stroke/or aneurysm.

But on to the real point of this: I was interested to see how many seated Senators had ever been elected into the presidency. The reason for this is that I was always a little uncomfortable with the fact that John Kerry was not doing the job he was appointed to do while he was running for president. Exactly two presidents have been snatched from the halls of congress. The first, which is well known is JFK, maybe John F. Kerry was looking to repeat that success. The problem with this is that John Kerry is not attractive in the least and he is really old. The second is ...

I was briefly distracted as Carrot Top is on Fox news...

the second was Warren Harding. The had at least one thing in common: they were both married and both of them cheated on their wives often.

You would think with such a small amount of senators being elected to the presidency that they wouldn't even be allowed the option of trying. This goes for both the left and right. I used Kerry because he is still fresh, but Bob Dole Tried in 1992 and that didn't work either.