Grammatical Errors

The night of the Grammys, I went online to see who had won in some of the un-televised award categories. Jon Stewart won best comedy album for America:the book. I say good for him/them...
(why was the award given to Stewart if it was a colaborative effort of him and his co-workers?)

Bill Clinton won for best audio book. I guess I don't understand why the Recording Academy is giving out an award for someone reading a book(isn't there a book association for things like that? And I guess I would have to wonder at that point, "Who else was nominated in this category?" Could it be Tony Hillerman for his/her latest American Indian Escapade which was well read by Robin Williams, or maybe it was Stephen King, whose new horror novel read by Carrot Top was exquisite.

Best producer went to John Shanks for his brilliant work making Ashley Simpson sound like she could sing; making Kelly Clarkson seem like she had a career; making Hillary Duff the obsession of many teenage boys for not one, but two lame careers; and for working with Cheryl Crowe and Alanis Morisette.

And now, some abbreviated commentary:
Stupid, stupid, poor musicians, bad music, no one even knows who that is, why are we listening to Queen Latifa make bad jokes about her lame movie career, oh more announcers.

Don't get me wrong, great musician. I however think that if he hadn't died this year, and if a movie wasn't made following his life starring the best actor to come to us since Steven Segal, then he wouldn't have won so many awards. I don't know if he would have been nominated for as many either.

I would like to point out that the only band nominated that, in my opinion, did anything extrodinary was Green Day. It is just too bad the only song off of the album that was nominated was the title track, which was not my favorite.

*I didn't watch the grammy's. I watched a recap at a bar after the mammoth game.