Self Pity and the Anger of 1,000 Michael Moore's

Anyone reading this should know I hate my job. It's not so much that I hate my job as it is that I hate the people that I work for. You should also know that I do as much as I can on a daily basis to get out of here. I have spent four months shy of 2 years searching for another job. I have applied for jobs I am over-qualified for, under-qualified for and just plain qualified for. For a long time I sent an average of 1 resume a day out. I have since stopped that in favor of targeting things I think I would like as well as am qualified for. I still absolutely hate these fucking idiots that I work for, but normally have a good sense of humor about it. I still think that the cunt and the dickhead are awful parents and shouldn't have had kids in their sixties, but I guess that was their choice. I still think that if they run into any issue when I am not there, that it is their fucking problem and that I should in no way be contacted to help. I still think my job here was never as a technical specialtist, and by the way, I am in no way a computer expert in any sense of the words.*

The reason that this has all come up in a post today is that yesterday I recieved a call from the bitch** of the two. She couldn't print to any of the printers from any of the computers. I initially found this really hard to believe. I can't imagine that four computers connected to four different printers were having the exact same problem at the exact same time. What I am told is that they downloaded "something" on Saturday, but the computer issue didn't occur until late Monday night. I was told a completely different story this morning, and I work with the bitch so I already knew that she lies to other people, I just assumed I wasn't one of them until today.

The new story I am told is that the same thing happened on Saturday morning when she was down here working, which I am told happens every saturday and sunday. I can understand that possibly all of the computers were not showing their network printers or not printing to them in general, but I don't buy for a second that they printer directly connected to each machine wasn't working. I think that the bitch is full of shit and didn't know what she was doing. On top of everything else, when she called last night to get help with the issue, she wouldn't listen to me. She did what she wanted to do.

So to recap what I know:
they are huge jerks
she is a liar
he doesn't work
she works very little
I hate them both

I may have missed a few. If you would like to add a fact that I missed please feel free to do so in the comments.

*I am neither a computer nor an expert
**In some cases "bitch" is a term of endearment, in this case I mean it in the meanest possible way.