2005, My Year So Far

So far this year I have:
Woken up
Eaten lunch
Played a board game
Watched Garden State
Watched Napolean Dynamite
Watched Garden State (w/ commentary from Braff & Portman)
Went to bed - - - - Stopped Smoking
Woken up
Threw up
Drove to Parents
Ate Breakfast
Talked to family
Did Laundry
Said goodbye to parents (they will be out of the country until the 13th or 14th)
Drove home
Watched Garden State
Watched Lost in Space (the movie, not the show)
Watched Old School
Cleaned House

I have decided not to include what happened between midnight and 2 on January 1st due to the fact that it is my belief that I was still awake and it does not constitute the new year. These are things that I don't do on a daily basis, i.e. showering, sitting, checking email.