Throwing Cards, You Know, Like in the Movies

Last night I was pretty bored and needed something to occupy my time. I spent a lot of time goofing around on the internet, checking the status of some ordered clothes and pricing out a computer. At some point late last year, I stopped watching re-run television shows that I am not entertained by but watch because it fills time. So moving back from my "office" to my "living room" I noticed that Everwood was a rerun. I looked around for things to do. I tuned four guitars and checked the intenation on them. That didn't take enough time. The next thing I saw was a deck of cards.

Yes, Cards, I can do lots of things with cards.

I dealt a hand of solitaire and began to play. Soon I was frustrated and stopped. What else can I do with cards? In the movies they always sit and throw cards into a hat using only their wrist to propell it. I tried. The first time through I didn't do very well, however it was a lot fun. I picked up the cards and did it again. This continued for around 3 hours. By the end I was getting approximately half the deck in the hat. Who knew that throwing cards at a hat could be fun?