I wrote this for thevastminority.com 5 years ago, and I still like the idea.

A few years ago I heard a news story about ‘luxury lane’ in L.A. California. The concept is basically that people can pay money to get a pass so that they may use the HOV lanes while there is only one person in the car. The idea has caught on in other cities as well. Why do I bring this up now? The story is over four years old.

I came up with a great idea today. I am supporting a campaign to allow people to park in handicap parking spots provided they pay a small fee. The idea came to me when I pulled into a parking lot and the closest space I could find was over one half
mile from the place I was going. But, there were plenty of handicap spots at the front, in fact, not one of them was being used. This led me to the conclusion, using common logic, that handicapped people don’t go out and therefore do not have a need for their very own parking spaces. The price for this service would need to be extremely high, otherwise there would be so many people with passes that one would not be able to park their vehicle in the spots that said person has paid good money for.

I need a catchy name for it prior to going state-wide with this campaign and I am taking any suggestions you might have. So let me know and hopefully I can get started on the promotion before the end of August.