The Fett Family

Have you ever tried to figure out what Boba Fett's Grandmother's name was, Jango Fett's mother?

Mark and I decided to run a few names through:

Nick: I really want to play the new Star Wars game
Mark: What, the Old Republic?
Nick: yeah
Mark: I haven't seen any game play
Nick: Neither have I, but the video makes me what to try it, that is good advertising
Mark: Yeah, the trailer is awesome
Nick: I wonder if the bounty hunter is Marsha Fett, you know Boba's Grandmother and Jango's mother
Mark: hahahaha
Nick: I just assume her name was Marsha
Mark: or maybe Janice, Janice Fett
Nick: I like Janice too
Mark: Kimberly
Nick: Agnes Fett
Mark: ha, Susan
Nick: Dorothy Fett, This could go on forever
Mark: and it should, Samantha Fett
Nick: Sophie
Mark: Kitty Fett
Nick: Jessica Fett

Et Cetra