End of Days

I am down to two days and change on my time in the Middle East, and while I am certainly not forgetting it, other people seem to be counting down the days as well. My current boss sends me an email each morning with the total time left until I get to Houston for instance.

I have now closed every account and returned everything that I need to return. The truck was the last thing on the list and I parted ways with it this afternoon.

I have had some things on my mind about moving to Houston and one of them is buying a house. I have decided that it is too much to ask of myself to find a house within 30 days of arriving, so I will look at houses with intent, but I will also scope out some apartments for the short term as well. I was also thinking about phone service. I return my company phone tomorrow afternoon and will be without phone service (for work) for about a week, more if I can't figure out who to talk to about getting a new phone set up. So I asked my new boss to look into it for me since he is in Houston and I am not.

Things I will miss about Dubai:
No real speed limit between Dubai and Abu Dhabi
High Speed Limits in most areas of town

Things I will not miss about Dubai:
Speed Bumps in the road (who thought that one up?)
Liquor Licenses

I will add to those lists as I settle in Houston.