5 Days and Counting

I am down to 4 days and some change until I move back to the States. Today I finished cleaning out the apartment and moved to a Hotel/Apartment. This place is better than the apartment I lived in and for roughly the same money. I should have just lived here. Nice place with breakfast in the morning and a bar, room service with a few items. They clean once a week. There are two televisions a bed, a couch, several televisions, dining table, a great kitchen.

Enough about the room itself though, I booked it for a 5 nights and I got the cheapest thing they had, a studio with a full sized bed. When I arrived the guy upgraded me and put me in a one bedroom with a king bed. I luck into a lot of great situations, including getting upgraded on flights and upgraded hotel rooms.

I am down to just needing to return my truck at the moment. Everything has sold and everything has been canceled. 5 nights, 3 days of work, 2 lunch outings, and a day of flying. Looking forward to getting home.

Pretty soon I will post a full write up of Dubai and then I will probably follow that up with posts about each country that I visited while I was traveling over here. Its been a good 16 months, but I am certainly ready to come home if for nothing else than that I don't have to have a license to buy alcohol (well, not a liquor license anyway).