In January we started some jokes around the office here in Dubai because we had heard that there were some changes coming to the company. None of us were totally sure what that meant. As time passed more and more we were joking about it.

In late March they changes were announced and they were pretty big. Quickly it was known that if you were a manager with the company your job was going to change significantly. The first round of announcements came out very soon after the first "change" announcement. But as time passed the announcements became more scarce and for people with the word "manager" in their title, time started to drag.

Work started to slow down, to the point now where I am only receiving 5 emails each night while I sleep compared to the 30 - 40 that I was getting prior to the announcements. Then the number of emails I was getting during the day slowed down. On top of that we aren't really making any decisions as a company until the whole re-organization is put together and as the new organization we start working, May 4th.

So far I have no place in the new company, but I was told by one person not to worry a few weeks ago. Turns out he couldn't have known anything as the structure for my current role hadn't been worked out yet. But that may have been a good thing, because now they are working out that structure and there are some vacant positions in other places. The most important of these to me is the US. What I know right now is that my name has been thrown to the people that are making those decisions, but I still don't know if anyone that is making the decisions has picked me for anything.

Overseas I would say my chances at maintaining my job are slim as there are a lot of other Inventory/Logistics Managers here that are far less expensive than I am, and I would assume the company is looking for the cheaper options for most of these jobs.

Within the next week or so I should know what I am going to be doing and where I am going to be living. I am hoping at this point that I am moved back to the States for a job, but will likely consider any job they throw at me.