Airport Post

I am now bored enough that I just paid 8 dollars for an hour and a half of internet. I went through my emails from work and nothing looked terribly important, so I just skipped over them for now. Once I get home I will go through them a little more thoroughly.

I have walked around almost the entire airport goofing around and looking for something to do, but I found that there was nothing.

At this point, I am charging my work phone and messing around on the computer.

The 12 days in the States was nice. I stayed in Houston for 5 days, Louisiana for 3 days and San Antonio for 5 days. So I guess that means I was here for 13 days, not 12.

There is a box wandering around a screen at the gate in front of me. I swear it hit directly in the corner, but since there is no one here to confirm, I guess that you will have to take my word for it.