Hit and Run

Yesterday morning I got to my truck and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. But as I was driving to work, I noticed my rear fender flapping in the wind. In the work parking lot I took a look at the back of my car and it was smashed up pretty bad. Apparently someone had hit my car in the apartment parking lot.

I called the police and told them what happened and asked what I needed to do. They advised me to dial the emergency number.

Not wanting to report something as an emergency that was clearly not, I asked around. Most people told me to go home and call the main police number and ask them to come by to write up a police report. Someone else told me I should just flag down a police officer on the street, and finally I was told just to take it to the police station and tell them.

I chose the third option. When I arrived at the police station I had to ask around for where I should go. I then stood in line for about 45 minutes waiting to be called. When I was finally called, I was told that this police station doesn't deal with one vehicle accidents. I needed to drive to the police station on the other side of town.

Once at the other police station I had another 45 minute wait, but when all was said and done, I got my police report and called my lease company. They handled it very well. They got me a new truck last night and took mine to get repaired.

On that note, they gave me a loaded FJ Cruiser. It is just one big blind spot.