I encourage every American to vote today in the United States.

And By today, I mean tomorrow because right now it is still Yesterday in the US, but here it is tomorrow. In 15 minutes it will be tomorrow on the east coast, but it won't be tomorrow in Hawaii for something like 6 hours. Even then you have to wait for the polling places to open.

Since it is tomorrow here already I would like to start watching returns, but I don't think that will happen just because Time-Wise, I am ahead of the United States. The good new is that since I am ahead on the TimeLine, I will know who won the election a full 8 before anyone in the United States knows who won.

On a secondary note, if you want to know who won the sporting events tonight, let me know. We are so far ahead, the game is over here before it even starts there. (That is unless its cricket. Those games are longer than 8 hours, so its impossible for the game to start and finish before it starts there.)

Happy Voting.