Inspirational Cards

My sister is really great. Ever now and then she sends me mail, even though she knows it takes a month for things to get here. She sent me a Darth Vader notepad and pens and some pictures of my nieces, my favorite is from their trip to Disney World where they met Darth Vader and one of my nieces looks putrefied or completely in shock to be standing next to him. She also sends these great cards that are meant to look like those inspirational posters, you know the ones that have an Iceberg on them and say stuff like "Substance in 90 Percent below the Surface", or a picture of a building being blown up that says "Even the most structurally
sound argument can be blown up with enough explosives".

I really like the two that she has sent me, but I just found this one and thought it was worth sharing since there is a region meeting going on here this week