Senate and House Voting

Without including the number one non-voter, because he had a brain hemorrhage and therefore couldn't go to work, the number one senator missing votes is John McCain. Included in the top ten though are Obama, Biden, and Clinton. I have a serious problem with people missing work in order to find another job. I understand that it happens, but most people keep it a secret and take vacation days to do it. That is why I continue to propose new legislation that would make it illegal for to hold public office while running for another public office. The person running should have to resign their seat in the Senate or House before starting to run.

I think this would prove more effective for the people who they so animately wanted to represent. During the time that they are running for office they are unable to attend to the needs and opinions of the people that so graciously gave them a job, retirement benefits and health care.

On the other side of the coin, Georgia and Virginia need to get their act together and replace their Representatives in the House because they each have a congress person who has missed over 85% of the votes becuase they have died. Seriously, how well can the represent you when they can't even represent themselves anymore?