iTunes has been my major force of entertainment in the evenings since I arrived here. I go out every now and then for a drink or to have some coffee or see a few local bands play, but the majority of work nights, I usually sit at the house and listen to music and read or watch television shows that I am downloading from iTunes.

It is working pretty well. I started by downloading a couple episodes of a show every day and watching them when I arrived home, then I found out that I can save about 10 dollars a season by ordering the whole season at the same time. So I now purchase whole seasons that take about 2 days to download and watch them throughout the week. I am actually through about 3 seasons of a show and am working on downloading the fourth right now.

It all worked so well that I didn't notice that I missed an episode in Season 3. It didn't make sense because I purchased the whole season, but it wasn't there. I checked the store and the running time is listed as 0:00. It began to make sense. I contacted iTunes support and told them that I had a problem and they gave me the episode for free. But, when I downloaded it again it didn't have anything. I couldn't watch it.

I replied to the email and told them that I thought there was a deeper seeded problem than, it just didn't download. The support representative replied and told me that it could be a couple of weeks before they could have it fixed but graciously gave me a free download to replace it once it was back, AND to compensate me for my time and trouble, they gave me an extra 3 video downloads. I thought it was totally unnecessary but also incredibly nice of them.

The moral is that if you have a problem, let them know. They seem to be pretty intent on making sure people are happy.